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Fluorescent Light Lens – Protective and Decorative Uses

Having the right type of fluorescent light lens can be really important, so that you’re able to provide adequate protection for your lighting, but also ensuring that you’re able to concentrate it in the right way.  Lenses like these are important, because they refract light in a way so that your fixtures aren’t obtrusive, but so that you can also get enough light for the entire area still.  They are a more important decision than you may necessarily have thought about before, and choosing the right one can really make a big difference in how a room both looks and feels.  For that reason, you want to consider having the right type of fluorescent light lens, to ensure that you’re able to keep your lighting attractive and convenient.

Here’s a snapshot of your typical fluorescent lighting lens

What you’re going to find with any type of fluorescent light lens, is that they are essential for first protecting your light source.  What the lens actually is, is the glass, or plastic fixture that goes on the outside of your lights, in front of the actual fluorescent bulbs themselves.  This way, first and foremost they’re able to protect them from damage of any kind, so that they can stay in working order for longer.  This is usually vital in both public places, as well as when used outside.  That’s because bulbs of this type can be somewhat fragile, and they explode once punctured, so you want to keep that from happening.

This also means choosing the right type of fluorescent light lens for the situation . What you’ll find is that a basic flimsy plastic or glass cover is going to be fine for indoor fixtures, because there’s nothing to actually worry about here. But when you’re going to have your lights installed in an outdoor environment, you need a bit more protection.  For this, you need hard strong plastic, that’s also totally watertight.  That way, you can ensure that no water is going to be able to get through, so that you can keep the light fixture itself protected from shorting out the electric work.  What’s more, you want it to be strong enough to stand up to adverse weather, so that your light doesn’t break under the pressure of rain, wind or hail.

Here’s a visual example of a fluorescent lighting lens in action.  Notice the ease with which one can be applied.

When you’re looking for the right type of fluorescent light lens, you also want to choose one with the right finish.  You don’t want a clear lens, because then your bulb is going to be so bright it can really hurt your eyes to look at.  That means going with matte or fogged lenses is essential.  This way, the lights just glow, and aren’t obtrusive to the rest of the room.  That way, you can still enjoy the way that the entire room looks, and you’re assured of being able to rely on your fluorescent light lens for making the whole atmosphere much more comfortable.

Buying the right fluorescent light lens isn’t always easy, but you can usually do so through all sorts of industrial stores. Through retailers like Home Depot or even Lowe’s, you can find the best selection of all sorts of lenses guaranteed.