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Fluorescent Light Fixtures and Their Benefits

Whether it’s for a home setting or an office setting, fluorescent light fixtures can be very useful and economical as a source of lighting.  These lighting fixtures come with many different potential features, and depending on your needs, you’ll be able to find something that suits the objectives of your situation.

Here are a few snapshots of fluorescent lighting fixtures in action:

Flexible possibilities with fluorescent lighting fixtures

One such example of a perk that comes with many fluorescent light fixtures is their ability to bend and mold to your preferences.  Some will even let you rotate them a full 180 degrees, making them completely flexible to your lighting needs.  Varying degrees of lighting are another common feature offered via many fluorescent lighting fixtures.

However, you’ll find that dimming features aren’t usually available through this form of lighting, though some dimming fluorescent light fixtures can be purchased for a higher price.   If you’re otherwise looking for something with dimming features, you’ll be best off looking elsewhere.  On the other hand, since these are generally used for industrial and work settings, the ambiance effect of dimming lights isn’t generally sought out by people looking for fluorescent light fixtures.

Many also appreciate the presence of an electronic ballast that helps these lights to turn on immediately without any kind of a flicker.  This is included with most new fluorescent light these days.

Here’s what an electronic ballast looks like. Many believe it to be a worthy investment.

If you’re looking to dress up a commercial space with fluorescent light fixtures, you may be interested in buying a set.  One of the benefits of buying a set is the fact that they’ll often come with a system in place that allows you to switch them all on at once, rather than having to manually turn on each individual unit.

Fluorescent light fixtures additionally come in an assortment of different styles.  For example, recessed fluorescent light fixtures will create a more sleek look, and some fluorescent lights have similar properties to incandescent lighting without becoming abnormally (and dangerously) hot as far as temperature is concerned.

Another big plus in the minds of many is that they’re very energy efficient.  The lighting won’t swallow you as far as your energy bill is concerned, keeping these covers low cost and friendly to the environment.  Using gas discharge and vaporized mercury, these will definitely consume less energy than your typical light bulbs.  As a result, you’ll save money on your monthly electric bill through the use of fluorescent light covers and bulbs.

If you have a building, the benefit becomes even bigger.  Have a look at this brief video, which discusses the energy benefits of using fluorescent lighting fixtures:

Be prepared to pay some extra money in price for these bulbs, but know that you’ll experience some hefty savings over the long haul due to the fact that fluorescent light bulbs are generally longer lasting.  Some estimates have them pegged as lasting up to six times as long as your average light bulbs will.

Finding the right fluorescent light fixtures can also be integral to energy conservation and creating a pleasant light intensity in your room.  Find the right one that emits the right balance of light that you seek out, in addition to some ample energy conservation as a result of the way that it refracts this light.  Upon doing this, you’ll be in great shape.

With many retailers offering fluorescent light fixtures for sale online, you’ll come across a wide variety of options available for purchase.  If you can somehow see the light in action, all the better.  If not, try your best to rely on a combination of knowing the product specs, customer feedback, and your basic intuition.

Where to buy fluorescent lighting:

Here are a few suggested sites that have a broad stock of fluorescent light fixtures.  Since your size and voltage requirements may vary, you’ll be best suited to narrow down your search accordingly:

SeaGull Lighting has a vast array of ceiling fixtures, pendant lights, fluorescent chandeliers, outdoor fixtures and more.

Lamar Lighting’s HI-BAY fluorescent line is a great high end lighting solution, with over 10 different series that vary in size and specs.

Amazon has a wealth of options from various retailers, not to mention competitive prices and the benefit of customer feedback on many of its products.  A quick glance there will confirm this.

There are many more potential sources for finding your lighting solution, but the above three should give you a great start.