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Energy Saving Light Bulbs – It Pays to Save

Choosing the right types of energy saving light bulbs can really be a great way to ensure that you’re able to cut that electrical bill in half, so that you don’t have to worry about pumping so much of your money down he drain on lighting. Keeping the lights on in your home is always going to be expensive, and that’s because they really burn a lot of energy.  So that means you want to choose the right type that you know is going to be able to save you as much money as possible. What you’ll find is that there are all different types, and you have plenty of options when you’re looking for the right energy saving light bulbs.  It’s just a matter of choosing the type of lighting that you really want for your home.

Most energy saving light bulbs have a spiral type look, like this one shown below:

Halogen vs. Incandescent Lighting

When you’re looking for the best possible energy saving light bulbs, you’re going to have two major choices for any type of light fixture in your home.  You’ll find that you can purchase halogen lighting, or fluorescent for almost any fixture, and so those are the two that you’re going to want to focus on.  What you’ll find is that halogen lighting is one of the best, because they use very little power, but then also enable you to get a more clean white light that is really easy on the eyes, opposed to the yellow that you’ll find in incandescent.  Although there is one negative about halogen, and that’s that they can get quite hot.  That means you want a special lamp, or you just want to be careful about touching the area of the bulb when it’s been on for any length of time.

Fluorescent energy saving light bulbs may just beat them all

But if you’re looking for the utmost in energy saving light bulbs, you’ll have no other real choice than fluorescent.  Nothing uses less power, or provides more light for that money.  What you’ll find is that fluorescent lights are very bright, and are total energy savers.  Plus as a major added bonus, they are also one of the longest lasting forms of light.  They well outlast incandescent bulbs, and even put halogen types to shame.  That means your energy saving light bulbs is something that you can rely upon to get the job done, and will be something that you can really enjoy the benefits of in your home for some time.

Although it’s also important to realize that energy saving light bulbs are going to be more expensive right away, which can turn you away.  But remember that added cost right now really pays for itself down the line, so that you can ensure you’re still able to afford lighting your home.  Plus you’ll be saving money in no time, as your bulb far outlasts your expectations.

Choosing the right type of energy saving light bulbs is really just as simple as visiting your local home wares store, and seeing what you like the look of the best.  You’ll find that you can get lighting like this practically anywhere, and there will be a great selection from any store including retailers like Walmart, or Home Depot.  It’s just about choosing the right energy saving light bulbs for your home.

Further education about energy saving light bulbs

Here’s a valuable YouTube video that we like, all of which gives you a brief rundown on energy efficient light bulbs.

A humorous plea to make the switch to energy efficient lighting, though a serious one due to the obvious  benefits

Take advantage of the free EnergyStar educational guidelines

Lastly, you’d be wise to check in with the government sponsored EnergyStar, which provides you with technical details and buying advice in the event that you’re still hungry for more information.

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